The Park Editor mode allows you to easily reorganize your park layout, by temporarily storing items in the new storage box and placing them later for free. The mode unlocks at level 11. 

To enter the Park Editor, tap on the Pencil icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. Note that any changes are saved immediately, so be sure to place every item back before leaving.

While editing your park, the simulation will pause and Peeps and their thoughts will be hidden, making it easier to move your items around. Once you have finished editing, the simulation will apply to the new layout and recalculate. 

Note that while your coin inventory will not be visible in Park Editor mode, the coins from any item that you move or store will be collected automatically. 


There are several tools available to help you edit quickly:
  • Tap to remove : While this mode is active, tapping or dragging an object will store it in the box. To move the camera, exit the tool by pressing the button again. This tool is useful for clearing sections of your park without removing anything.
  • Remove all : This button will clear the whole layout, removing items and putting them in the box, and will clear all paths and fences. 
  • View filter : This will  hide or show only specific categories of assets.