• Coaster cards are found in the Build menu, under the Coaster category, and are separated in type by tabs.
  • To build one, you need to complete its SET OF CARDS: the Train, the Station, the  Track, and the Chain Lift. 
  • Once a set is completed, drag the Custom coaster card on the park to build it.
  • Roller coasters can be large. Choose a spot with enough room around the station, and VALIDATE.

  • To start creating the TRACK, simply DRAG the first highlighted node, and DRAW.
  • Continue drawing towards the station's other end, and CONNECT your track to it.
  • TAP on a track NODE to select it and modify it.
  • To create a hill, drag the Height button up to raise the track. 
  • To smooth curves, Drag the BANKING button left or right.
  • Tap away to DESELECT the current node and get a global view.
  • To reopen a track, tap on REMOVE LAST node, and draw from there.
  • To validate an open coaster, tap on the validate button. Note that coaster with open track will not be considered as valid and will not generate revenue.
  • To re-edit an existing coaster, tap on its station, then on the Edit button

  • SELECT a node where you want to add it.
  • Tap on the ADD SPECIAL menu to open it.
  • DRAG a Special Insert card that you own to ADD it around the current node. Note that you can tap on a card to review its stats, and check how it would impact your coaster.
  • You can EDIT a Special Insert just like any node, or DELETE it by selecting it.