HEATMAPS display trends to help you manage park FINANCES and Peep SATISFACTION. To view, tap the Heatmap menu in the bottom right.
  • SATISFACTION value represents the boost of Fun, Food or Hygiene delivered by rides, restaurants, shops and bathrooms, to each Peep interacting with them.
  • REVENUE displays the number of COINS generated by rides, restaurants and shops per hour. Don't forget to check the park entrance too! 
  • PEEP LOAD indicates how busy rides and services are. Full capacity means more revenue, but also a need to build more rides or services. 
  • PARK VALUE indicates the contribution of every ride, service or decoration to your park's overall value. Each individual score includes the construction cost, but also the card upgrade cost. 
  • DECORATION shows how your rides are boosted by surrounding decorations. Remember that decorated rides provide a Fun boost to Peeps and a load boost.