How can I unsubscribe from the VIP program?

In order to unsubscribe from the VIP program, select the "Unsubscribe VIP" button found in your game's Settings. Tapping on this button will walk you through the necessary steps for you successfully unsubscribe from the VIP program.

Please note that solely tapping on the "Unsubscribe VIP" button will NOT unsubscribe you from the program, since this is something that needs to be done via your App Provider service. This isn't something that can be done while staying in the game.

Will my VIP subscription be shared between my devices?

While it is possible to share a VIP subscription between two devices from the same App Provider (two Apple devices OR two Android devices), RCTT currently does not currently support the synchronization between more than one device. Attempting to play with the same game on several devices has proven to corrupt players' save file, making them lose part of their progress or their entire game. This is something we strongly advise against.