The Casino is a Landmark that allows you to spin the Wheel and earn amazing prizes.

At which Level does the Casino unlock?

The Casino unlocks once you reach Level 20.

How much does the Casino cost to play?

The first spin of the day only costs 10 Hearts. From there, each spin will cost 25 Tickets.

What are the blue Coins I've won used for?

The blue Coins you've won are Aqua Coins! You will be able to use them in the Water Park as soon as you unlock this feature. Rest assured that any Aqua Coins won before the Water Park is unlocks accumulate regardless. You'll be able to enjoy them soon!

Where can I find the Casino?

You can find the Casino on the far right of your Park, towards the front. Once the Landmark unlocked, an Appreciation Heart icon will be displayed above.

Where can I use the Casino?

The Casino can be used in the Main Park exclusively.