The Peeps Train is a Landmark that allows you to attract more Peeps and boost your Coins generation in exchange for Appreciation Hearts. By spending 50 Hearts, you will obtain 20% more Peeps and 20% more revenue.

At which Level does the Peeps Train unlock?

The Peeps Train unlocks once you reach Level 25.

Is the Peeps Train's boost instantaneous?

No, the Peeps Train Boost may take a little while to appear in your given Park. Be patient, your new Peeps are on their way!

Where can I find the Peeps Train?

You can find the Peeps Train next to your Park Entrance, on the left. Once the Landmark unlocked, an Appreciation Heart icon will be displayed above it.

Where can I use the Peeps Train?

The Peeps Train is available to use in all your different Parks.