The Mini-Games are, as their name suggests, short games you can play for fun, awarding Coins.

What do I need to play Mini-Games?

For you to unlock a Mini-Game, you must own at least 1 copy of the corresponding Card, place it in your Main Park and connect it to the Park Entrance.

How do I access the Mini-Game Panel to play?

The different Mini-Games we offer can be found in the Mini-Game Panel, accessible by clicking on the Mini-Game icon. The icon looks like a yellow and red Atari joystick. You can find it by selecting any Mini-Game activity building and by tapping on the Park Entrance.

What are the different Mini-Games?

  • Joystick Arcade: Shoot as many enemies as possible to prevent Aliens from invading Earth
  • Fortune Teller: Flip the Cards over and find as many pairs as you can before the time expires
  • Hammer Game: Tap the screen when the needle is aligned with the green zone to score more points
  • Water Gun: Spray as many targets as possible, but be careful: missing a target removes points
  • Whack-A-Mole: Tap the blue and golden moles while carefully avoiding the angry red ones

How much do Mini-Games cost to play?

The cost of each Mini-Game is independent and refreshes everyday.

  • 1st game: Free!
  • 2nd game: 2 Tickets
  • 3rd game: 4 Tickets
  • 4th game: 8 Tickets
  • 5th game+: 16 Tickets

Where can I play Mini-Games?

Mini-Games can be played in the Main Park exclusively.