This currency is characterized by its icon representing a stamp of different color according to its Rarity: blue for Common Cards, orange for Rare Cards and purple for Epic Cards.

You can view your Stamps by selecting any Card in your Build Menu. They will be located below the opened window.

How can I obtain Stamps?

You will automatically start obtaining Stamps starting Level 101. From there, whenever you'll Level up, a Stamp will be added to the count.

What can I do with my Stamps?

You can use your Stamps to upgrade Cards that have already been upgraded to their maximal level. The Stamp will "Level-Break" the Card, allowing you to upgrade it 1 level higher than their max, which in turn will increase its Statistics and help your overall Satisfaction.

How do I know which Card has been leveled up enough to use Stamps on?

Once a Card has been upgraded to its maximal level, the Stamp icon of the corresponding Color/Rarity will be displayed next to a certain amount of Coins. You need both the Stamp and the Coins to be available in order to "Level-Break" a Card.

Are there enough Stamps to upgrade all my Cards?

No, there aren't enough Stamps to "Level-Break" all the different Cards RCT Touch has to offer, so choose which one you upgrade wisely! Some Cards are more advantageous to level up than others.

Where can I use my Stamps?

Your Stamps can be used in the Main Park exclusively.