This currency is characterized by its icon representing two blue coins.

As soon as the Water Park feature is unlocked to you, your Aqua Coin Wallet can be found at the top of your screen in the Water Park as well as the Park Hub.

How can I obtain Aqua Coins?

There exist several methods for you to obtain Aqua Coins:

  • Collect your buildings' earnings by tapping on them before their storage is full.
  • Collect your Park Entrance's earnings by tapping on it.
  • Complete Scenarios. Each Medal obtained comes with some extra Aqua Coins.
  • Spin the Casino Wheel. There's a chance for the reward you will obtain to be Aqua Coins.
  • Head to the Store and exchange Tickets for Aqua Coins!
  • Head to the Store and purchase an Aqua Coin Pack!

What can I do with my Aqua Coins?

There are several ways for you to spend your Aqua Coins:

  • Build activity buildings and decorations.
  • Upgrade Cards to enhance their statistics and performance.
  • Open Park Expansions.

How can I collect all my Water Park's Aqua Coin earnings at once?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to collect all your Water Park's Aqua Coin earnings at once, but there is a way for you to do so in a few clicks instead of individually tapping on your buildings.

Like the Main Park, the Water Park offers a Collector-type Utility building. Tapping on a placed Collector building allows you to collect Aqua Coins in its vicinity. Note that the Collector only affects buildings placed under its coverage.  You may need several Collector buildings placed strategically to be able to collect all your Park's earnings more easily.

Where can I use my Aqua Coins?

Your Aqua Coin Wallet is exclusive to the Water Park. It's not possible to use Aqua Coins anywhere else.

Can I exchange my Aqua Coins for Coins/my Coins for Aqua Coins?

It's not possible to exchange Aqua Coins for Coins, nor is it possible to exchange Coins for Aqua Coins.