This currency is characterized by its icon representing two golden coins.

Your Coin Wallet can be found at the top of your screen in the Main Park, Scenario Parks as well as the Park Hub.

How can I obtain Coins?

There exist several methods for you to obtain Coins:

  • Collect your buildings' earnings by tapping on them before their storage is full.
  • Collect your Park Entrance's earnings by tapping on it.
  • Complete Missions. Some of their rewards award you Coins.
  • Visit your Friends' Parks daily. There's a chance you'll be able to collect some Coins during your visit!
  • Play all Mini-Games. Each time your Score hits a new bar in the gauge, you will be rewarded with Coins.
  • Spin the Casino Wheel. There's a chance for the reward you will obtain to be Coins.
  • Complete Event Goals. Some of their rewards award you Coins.
  • Head to the Store and exchange Tickets for Coins!
  • Head to the Store and purchase a Coin Pack or Bundle that includes Coins!

What can I do with my Coins?

There are several ways for you to spend your Coins:

  • Build activity buildings and decorations.
  • Upgrade Cards to enhance their statistics and performance.
  • Open unlocked Park Expansions.
  • Create your very own Corporation.
  • Obtain certain Cards in the Mall Landmark.
  • Obtain Cards by starting a Research in the Scenario Park.

How can I collect all my Main Park's Coin earnings at once?

It is possible for you to collect all your Main Park's Coin earnings at once instead of individually tapping on your buildings. There are two different methods to do so:

  • Park Office: For a fee of 20 Appreciation Hearts, all your Main Park's Coin earnings will be collected at once.
  • Collector: Tapping on a Collector-type building allows you to collect Coins in its vicinity. Note that the Collector only affects buildings placed under its coverage.  You may need several Collector buildings placed strategically to be able to collect all your Park's earnings more easily.

Where can I use my Coins?

Your Coin Wallet is shared between your Main Park and your Scenario Park.

Why can't Coins be used in the Water Park?

The reason why you cannot use your Coin Wallet in the Water Park is simple: the Water Park has its own special currency, the Aqua Coin!